About Me

I am Megan Stringfellow. I do lots of creative things. Like paint. Draw. Design. Sew. Write.   Make my food talk.

My life

I am a mother of identical twin girls. I was born in southern California,  my family moved around the country a few times, living in Maryland, California, and Arizona. While attending college in southern California I met and married an awesome man named Clint Stringfellow.

My art history

My parents always encouraged me to pursue my art from a young age, and have always been my biggest fans. I started with canyons and markers, graduated to drawing with pencil and colored pencil before discovering the joys of digital art in 2001 when downloaded the trial version of Photoshop 7, and fell madly in love. Shortly afterward, I bought my first tablet, a $20.00 generic version off eBay. It was cheap and not very sensitive, but I never went back to using my mouse for art again. It wasn’t too long before I upgraded to a Wacom Intuos tablet, (oh so yummy Wacom) and have been using it to create my digital paintings ever since.

Polymer clay has been a long time love of mine. I discovered Scupley in elementary school and used it to make all kinds of little creatures (Dragons!) and food for my doll house. Sadly, as I grew up, I lost touch with my joy for making things out of clay.

In 2005, I stumbled across the work of all the wonderful clay artists on the internet and my Muse perked back up. I began sculpting little fairies and elves, and quickly found out how addicting it can be!

Today, I create in a wide variety of mediums.  Fleece, clay, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, ink, computer…. whatever my Muse is currently obsessed with.