Altered Thrift Store Art

What is thrift store altered art?

You find some old/bad/unloved art from a thrift store. Buy it, and then add your own addition to the image, turning into something completely different. And hopefully more interesting.

Here is a collection of some of the paintings I’ve done.


Robot and Bunny

When a friend of mine Susanne was looking for something to hang on her empty wall, this method came to mind. Her and her husband are big into robots.  So I hit up the local Savers and found the perfect framed lithograph from the 70′s. It was only $3. Perfect!

The design of the robot was based on an image I love “Come, Come Little One” by Szymon Biernacki. Since this was really just an experiment, I didn’t anticipate how much I would love the final produce. Therefore I failed to take a before picture. Whoops.  But I was able to find the original image online (the version I bought had been cropped down to a much smaller portion of the photo):

I loved the result so much.  It was so much fun to add these guys into the picture, and the challenge of matching the color tones and style was delightful.


TARDIS in Garden

The original art was a photo print of a painting by Gregory F. Harris.  I used acrylics to add in the TARDIS and K-9 and sealed the whole thing with varnish.  Print available here. Before and after:

Sleeping Surprise

Clint is a huge fan of the Alien movies. So I knew I needed to keep my eye out for any paintings that I could add aliens into. When I saw this one, I knew I needed to do something with it. Those girls…. the did NOT look like their sleep was anything natural. What could have happened to them? Hmmm.

Here is the before and after:

The original painting is “The Sleeping Beauty” by Sir Edward Burne-Jones. It is a bigger painting, I think about 24″x48″. Acrylics painted over the poster board print. It is now hanging in the hallway by our front door. And I love that you have to glance at it twice before noticing the facehuggers.

Dragon Still life #1

dragon still lifeBefore and After:




Another Doctor Who themed thrift store art. I forgot to take a before shot.  But I only added the TARDIS and the two running figures. The rest is original.


The Shire

thrift_store_art__the_shire_before_and_after_by_csgirl-d7xxuoy 7b969f652fadc2bbf21d27cfb725d21e-d7xxudz

Star Wars

star_wars_altered_by_csgirl-d7x0z58 star_wars_altered_painting__before_and_after_by_csgirl-d7x0zln

A Little Girl Waiting

il_fullxfull.653064151_e5ph-906x1024 il_fullxfull.652946202_niut-1024x628

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