I’m a giant challenge: Getting started

Emily Henderson, a winner of HGTV Design Star and host of “Secrets from a Stylist” is having a challenge called “I’m a giant” in which decorators and bloggers get to makeover and decorate on a miniature scale.

Well, talk about synchronicity.  For the past week, I’ve been thinking about my poor childhood dollhouse that has been neglected and collecting dust in the back of our office closet.  This is the perfect motivation to finally pull it out, and resurrect the poor dear.

My Dad and Mom made this dollhouse for me…oh, 20 odd years ago.  My sisters and I each had a dollhouse of our own, specially made for us by my Dad. I remember very clearly the Christmas that I received mine. This was always my most favorite “toy” and I cannot count the hours I spent playing with it. In a lot of ways, it was the genesis of so much of my current art. I learned to sew, so that I could sew curtains and tiny outfits for my dollhouse dolls. I discovered Sculpee and clay so that I could make food and flowers and accessories for my dollhouse. I was surprised when I pulled it out yesterday to find that the back wall of the “bedroom” is painted the exact shade of blue as my studio. No joke.

The dollhouse was decorated with the remnants of our old house decor.  The wall paper in the bedroom was left over wall paper from MY bedroom. And the kitchen, and the dinning room. Peeling back these layers of old paper from my dollhouse walls was a walk down memory lane. And what is up with the creepy clown stickers?

The stairs are falling apart, as is the railing on the roof.  I pulled up the carpet, and removed most of the wallpaper. I was harder to get off the walls than I anticipated, so the rest that remains will just paint or wallpaper over top.

The challenge runs through December 15, and I will be updating as I go, so check back for more pictures!

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