I’m a giant challenge: Week one update

I’m beginning to think I’m in over my head.  But when has that stopped me, eh? Reality? Who needs it! So, lots of changes to the doll house so far. I’ve been focusing on the downstairs, on the family room.  Remember what it looked like when I pulled it out?

After three days of work I have:

  • stripped old carpet and wall paper
  • painted new hardwood floor
  • put up new wallpaper and border
  • cut out new bay window and framed it up
  • started putting up wood paneling on walls

What I still have to do before the room is ready for furniture?

  • finish repairing stairs & and add banister
  • finish bay window
  • finish trim & paint
  • finish wood paneling
  • paint ceiling
  • install front door and landing

Ugh, that is a really long list still. See why I’m in over my head?

I’ve also done some work to the upstairs. And we are talking major demo!

I took out a whole wall! Now you can actually see the center windows, as it should be.  And before you couldn’t even see the top window, it was hidden behing the ceiling. I’m not even going to list off the things left to do in this room…its just ridiculous.  But I’m very pleased with how everything it turing out. It is very tedious, but so exciting to finally see my vision for this house coming to life, after 20 years.

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