“I’m a Giant” challenge: Family room update

Emily Hnderson, a winner of HGTV Design Star and host of “Secrets from a Stylist” is having a challenge called “I’m a giant” in which decorators and bloggers get to makeover and decorate on a miniature scale.


Finally! The family room is ready to furnish! I love how it looks, I’m surprised with how much “bigger” it looks now with all the trim and new flooring.  But I am overwhelmed with the amount of work I have left to do before I can even begin to bring in furniture to the rest of the house.  Its time to move to the nursery and get it ready.

I made the front door from some bass wood I bought at Michael’s, tiny hinges, and an image of a stained glass peacock printed on vellum (tracing paper) and laminated. The bass is very easy to cut either with a razor saw, or an exacto knife.  I erred on the size of too large for the doorway, and sanded the door down to fit.  I cut out a window in the door, and glued down the stained glass pane.

Originally I planned on painting the door red, but it clashed with the stained glass, so I went with peacock blue.  I used some beads for the handle, and glued the hinges to the house.  I may add some more trim around the stained glass to frame it in better, but that can be done later.

I also have begun working on the Wendy doll, and got her sculpted, painted, and hair attached. But she is still “naked” so not ready to share yet with the world.

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