I’m a giant challenge: nursery update

Emily Henderson, a winner of HGTV Design Star and host of “Secrets from a Stylist” is having a challenge called “I’m a giant” in which decorators and bloggers get to makeover and decorate on a miniature scale.


The nursery is starting to come together. The mural on the ceiling took a while to complete, but I love how it turned out.  It was challenging to paint at such a weird angle… it would be so much easier if I could shrink myself down to fit INTO the house. But then it would take 10x more paint. And scaffolding.  Eh, forget it. But I do wish I could fit inside, so that I could lay on my back and stare up into the starry sky.


I added a compass decoration to the floor. I realized that this means I will not be putting a large room sized rug in the middle of the room, because it would cover up the compass. But I can do smaller sized rugs instead.

What is still left to do: finish the French door, and build the fireplace. I realized there was no bathroom in the house, so I’ve added a washroom in the left side of the room.  I haven’t decided if I will add a door or not.

In the furniture department, I decided to make a bunk bed for the boys to save space. I hand stitched the mattresses.  I will add some light to the bunks, so that they can be better seen. (note to self: take pictures during the day!)


These kind of lights to be exact!


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  1. WOW! You have done such an incredible job so far! I love the peacock stained glass window and your bunk beds! I have not yet taken the plunge to work on my doll house and seeing yours, I need to start movin’! Looks beautiful and can’t wait to see the rest of the process!

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