Christmas wrap up

Ya, I know its well into January. But I feel like I’m finally recovering from the business of Christmas.  Clint and I spent the Holidays in Colorado Springs with his family. I LOVED having the chill and the snow. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me without it.

We spent Christmas day in Vail, and I got to walk abound the village and enjoy the Christmas lights. New Years Eve day we went pheasant hunting with the family.





I did not reach my goal of December 15 for the I’m a giant challenge. Boooo.  But I’m okay with that. This isn’t a project that I think will ever be complete done, so I will keep working on the dollhouse, because I love working on it, and now I have plenty of time to do it.

Some goodies I picked up in Colorado when I visited a miniature shop (there are NONE near me in California, and that makes me very sad).



I feel it is necessary to say, “Yo dawg, I heard you like dollhouses. So I put a dollhouse in your dollhouse, so you can play dollhouse while you play dollhouse.” Ya, I just went there.

Here is the couch in place in the living room, with some of the little throw pillow my mom made for me for Chirstmas. Also in the picture is the arm chair that used to be a dark blue. But I painted it a cream white to match the sofa, and to fit better into the room’s color scheme.



I think I will be painting the bed, because I don’t like how the maple wood looks in the room.  And you can see the fireplace in progress. Here is the finish result.


I actually think I might be adding some brick onto the face of the fireplace. But I am so happy with how it turned out. I love the flickering flame inside.

Some more goodies I got over Christmas for the kitchen: the sink and the stove. Also note I got ONE of the windows framed up. Finally.


Its really starting to come together. Now I feel like I have most of the bones in place, I can really start the decorating process.

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