Flower Fox


Today is day 1 of @alexandradikaia 30 day creative challenge for fall.  I’m going to see how many I can get done over the next 30 days. I’m shooting for 3 a week, but we’ll see.  My prompt for today was “flower fox.”

Pattern design explorations


I’m working on a pattern based on my mouse dinner party painting. Probably taking on too much again. Currently I’m “focusing” on building my illustration portfolio. Taking online classes for illustration. Working on two commissions. Oh ya, and feeding two small humans (like every single day), doing laundry, vacuuming… hmmm. No wonder I feel slightly dazed all the time. And no wonder I don’t have the energy to exercise and garden


July SVS challenge: Independence


I’ve been taking some courses through Society of Visual Storytelling, and each month they have an art challenge. July was “independence” so I came up with some ideas, and this story idea finally came to me, about a little marionette who is freed when her strings break. She eventually comes back and frees her friends.

Here are the initial sketches as I worked out the idea and character design.

The final sketch

Color studies

After some feedback, I moved the scissors to the rabbit’s belt, to help make the narrative more clear.


What would grandma do?


Happy Friday everyone. I finished up this painting last night. I wish you all could have meet my Grandma Burke. She was an amazing woman and I was very close to her. She was an adventure at heart and loved everyone. She never shied away from challenges and would have them with a creative spirit and heart of adventure. She made friends with strangers and people she’d never met in person. A great letter writer, and writer of stories. When life throws me a curve ball and I find myself drowning in stress and worry, this is a question I ask myself, fix myself a cup of tea and sandwich, and then I pretend that I am as awesome as she.

Dino love


So I’ve been struggling with frustration with my art lately, comparing myself to other artists, to other creative mom, and drowning in feeling like I’m not accomplishing enough, not good enough etc. I realized I need to just focus on where I am, and focus on just making art. I’m going to try and show up at the blank page every day without expectation and just have fun.