Pterodactyl says what?

daily sketch

It’s dinosaur week on /SketchDaily/ which is fun because I don’t think I’ve ever really drawn dinosaurs before.  Dragons, yes.   Yesterday’s theme was pterodactyl, which, having now spent some time trying to draw one, I feel is like the dodo bird of the dinosaur family.  So ugly and awkward.  Since I lean towards the cute aesthetic, I floundered a bit.  Here is the drawings I did yesterday:


Bah. I couldn’t seem to get it right.  The bottom ones just look like really cute bats.  I still had fun drawing them, and it was good to be out of my comfort zone.

Today’s theme is Albertosaurus, cousin to the t-rex.  With Mr. Albert, it finally came together, and things started to click. I am much happier with how he turned out.


I thought I would give another go at Mr. Dodo-bird, and yes, I like him much better than yesterday.  And he just looks so pleased with himself.