More miniature inspiration

I know I’m not the only one with a childhood dollhouse sitting around collecting dust, but now I have proof. While visiting my in-laws over the holidays, I got the chance to poke around my sister-in-laws old dollhouse. And although it was in need of some serious repair, it was a thing of beauty. I have to admit, I had dollhouse envy.



Exploring the rooms was not unlike walking through a haunted house. The walls were crumbling, the lights hanging broken from the ceiling, the spiders making homes in the corners. But it still full of so much character.20120119-130734.jpg


I now must have a weather vane for my own dollhouse.


We also pulled out all her furniture and laid it out on the pool table to drool over. My favorite is this bear skin rug. So cute, I must make one for myself.20120119-130755.jpg



I mentioned in my last post I got the chance to visit a real dollhouse store. It was like I’d died and gone to heaven. The shop was absolutely cluttered. But it was stuffed full of these tiny miniature scenes. I could have spent hours in this small room.




I was happy when I saw she had a shelf full of “House of Miniature” kits, at 50%. It was such a trip down memory lane. These were the kits my dad used to mail order for us when we were kids. The company is long out of business, but you can still find the kits online and in shop like this.¬† I bought a dinning room table (which might be too large for the kitchen, but I don’t care), and for chairs.


PS: Yes, that is a photo in the background of my studly husband when he was a kid.

PPS: When I showed him the picture of the miniature garage scene, he said, I WANT IT. Make it! This is why I love my husband. ūüôā

Christmas wrap up

Ya, I know its well into January. But I feel like I’m finally recovering from the business of Christmas.¬† Clint and I spent the Holidays in Colorado Springs with his family. I LOVED having the chill and the snow. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me without it.

We spent Christmas day in Vail, and I got to walk abound the village and enjoy the Christmas lights. New Years Eve day we went pheasant hunting with the family.





I did not reach my goal of December 15 for the I’m a giant challenge. Boooo.¬† But I’m okay with that. This isn’t a project that I think will ever be complete done, so I will keep working on the dollhouse, because I love working on it, and now I have plenty of time to do it.

Some goodies I picked up in Colorado when I visited a miniature shop (there are NONE near me in California, and that makes me very sad).



I feel it is necessary to say, “Yo dawg, I heard you like dollhouses. So I put a dollhouse in your dollhouse, so you can play dollhouse while you play dollhouse.” Ya, I just went there.

Here is the couch in place in the living room, with some of the little throw pillow my mom made for me for Chirstmas. Also in the picture is the arm chair that used to be a dark blue. But I painted it a cream white to match the sofa, and to fit better into the room’s color scheme.



I think I will be painting the bed, because I don’t like how the maple wood looks in the room.¬† And you can see the fireplace in progress. Here is the finish result.


I actually think I might be adding some brick onto the face of the fireplace. But I am so happy with how it turned out. I love the flickering flame inside.

Some more goodies I got over Christmas for the kitchen: the sink and the stove. Also note I got ONE of the windows framed up. Finally.


Its really starting to come together. Now I feel like I have most of the bones in place, I can really start the decorating process.

I’m a giant challenge: bedroom update

I made a trip to Joann’s after work to pick up fabric and other goodies for the master bedroom.¬† And I made the mistake of wandering into the button aisle. Oh. My. Goodness. That is a dangerous place to go if you happen to be in the middle of redoing a dollhouse.¬† Seriously, do you know all the different things you can do on a miniature scale with cool buttons? Do you?! ‘Cause I didn’t until that moment, when my brain exploded with all of the possibilities.¬†Buttons! Who knew?

I may, or may not have given an impassioned speach about the beauty of buttons to a complete stranger who was just looking for a button for her coat.  *cough*

Anyways, behold the goodies.

I have a pretty good idea now of the direction I want to go with the bedroom. I got the paint on the walls (side note: gold is almost as bad as red for the number of coats you must paint before you get a true solid color), the floor completed, the map wallpaper “gilded” and up, AND the headboard for the bed done!

Yes, that is a vintage map of London on the wall. I coated the paper with gold and sparkles, to match the color of the walls. You can see the effect a little better here in this image with flash.

Why yes, Mr. Figure Man, that IS a glorious ceiling.

The ceiling is white, rag scrapbook paper, that has an amazing pattern and texture to it. I also used it for the back of the headboard.

The clear button that Mr. Figure Man is holding is going to become the light on the wall above the headboard, I just have to add a few dozen more beads to it. I just have to say it one last time… BUTTONS!

I’m a giant challenge: master bedroom moodboard

I’ve just started working on the master bedroom, but it isn’t even ready for any pictures yet. But I wanted to share the images that I’ve collected as inspiration. I’m going with an over the top rich gold and purple theme for the bedroom. Who wouldn’t want floor to ceiling gold walls if you could have them?!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest


A long ways to go to get this ready…

More Spooky Miniatures

Happy Halloween! I didn’t get any more work done on the Dollhouse this weekend, because I was busy throwing a party. And I’m sad that I’m not done with the prep phase, because I would absolutely love to decorate the house for Halloween/Fall. But alas, it isn’t ready for that yet. So instead, I will drool over other folks lovely miniatures that ARE ready for the season.

I love this haunted dollhouse by Mary Ciccolella (dont make a scene on Flickr).  Check out her whole set of images. She also made this awesome miniature of the Leaky Cauldron from Happy Potter:

Mrs. Havisham’s Room Box by Vic Newey. Gotta love Spooky Victorian!

And here are some awesome accessories for you dollhouse that I found on Etsy.  *drools*

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

The Bloggess: Haunted Dollhouse

If I had a list of people I would love to stalk, if I was inclined to hide in bushes in the dark of night and make-believe I had deep and meaningful relationships with people I’d never actually met, Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) would be on the top.¬† Seriously.¬† I cannot read her blog at work because I always get weird looks when I bust out laughing, and end up with tea/water/coke (not the illegal kind) all over my computer screen.¬† I think one of the reasons I love her so much, is that I think her husband and Clint would belong to the same support group, both knowing what is like to deal with slightly mental and unpredictable wives.

Well, if Jenny wasn’t at the top of my To-Stalk list, she is now that I discovered that over the last 11 years she has been making a haunted dollhouse (Move over Christian Bale). Oh yes. Haunted. Dollhouse. She “built, sculpted, or antiqued¬†most of the stuff” that fills the dollhouse herself.

Here is a slideshow of images of her dollhouse on Kristy. And on Flickr. Go check it out.


I’m a giant challenge: Kitchen halfway done

Oooo, I just love it when things start to come together. The kitchen is half way done. The walls are painted and tiled, the ceiling is done. I used pop sickle sticks that I white washed, to create the effect of a bare wood ceiling. I love how it turned out.

I also made the pantry units on either side of the window out of popsicle sticks.  I still have to make two more baskets, but the wine rack is ready to be filled!

There are loads of things I need to make to stock the kitchen, but I did get some roses done, made out of clay.

Remaining to do in the kitchen: the oven and sink. A few more shelves on the rightside wall. And I need to track down or make a kitchen table and chair set, so the Darlings have a place to eat.

I’m just falling in love with my dollhouse all over again as it is starting to take shape. I can’t wait to get started on the little details that go inside it.

And in conclusion, I give you another random shot of the nursery ceiling.

I’m a giant challenge: something’s cookin’ in the kitchen

Finally something is happening in the kitchen. It took me a while to get rolling on thus room, mainly because I couldn’t decide which direction to go. I picked the tile first, initially thinking to put it on the floor. But I realized I wanted to put it on the wall which meant the wall color had to compliment it, without being to “matchy matchy.” today I finally settled on the gray. It’s a warmer gray than I used in the nursery, to match the warmer color tone of the floor and tiles.


I’m a giant challenge: nursery update

Emily Henderson, a winner of HGTV Design Star and host of ‚ÄúSecrets from a Stylist‚ÄĚ is having a challenge called ‚ÄúI‚Äôm a giant‚ÄĚ in which decorators and bloggers get to makeover and decorate on a miniature scale.


The nursery is starting to come together. The mural on the ceiling took a while to complete, but I love how it turned out.¬† It was challenging to paint at such a weird angle… it would be so much easier if I could shrink myself down to fit INTO the house. But then it would take 10x more paint. And scaffolding.¬† Eh, forget it. But I do wish I could fit inside, so that I could lay on my back and stare up into the starry sky.


I added a compass decoration to the floor. I realized that this means I will not be putting a large room sized rug in the middle of the room, because it would cover up the compass. But I can do smaller sized rugs instead.

What is still left to do: finish the French door, and build the fireplace. I realized there was no bathroom in the house, so I’ve added a washroom in the left side of the room.¬† I haven’t decided if I will add a door or not.

In the furniture department, I decided to make a bunk bed for the boys to save space. I hand stitched the mattresses.  I will add some light to the bunks, so that they can be better seen. (note to self: take pictures during the day!)


These kind of lights to be exact!


“I’m a Giant” challenge: Family room update

Emily Hnderson, a winner of HGTV Design Star and host of ‚ÄúSecrets from a Stylist‚ÄĚ is having a challenge called ‚ÄúI‚Äôm a giant‚ÄĚ in which decorators and bloggers get to makeover and decorate on a miniature scale.


Finally! The family room is ready to furnish! I love how it looks, I’m surprised with how much “bigger” it looks now with all the trim and new flooring.¬† But I am overwhelmed with the amount of work I have left to do before I can even begin to bring in furniture to the rest of the house.¬† Its time to move to the nursery and get it ready.

I made the front door from some bass wood I bought at Michael’s, tiny hinges, and an image of a stained glass peacock printed on vellum (tracing paper) and laminated. The bass is very easy to cut either with a razor saw, or an exacto¬†knife.¬† I erred on the size of too large for the doorway, and sanded the door down to fit. ¬†I cut out a window in the door, and¬†glued down the stained glass pane.

Originally I planned on painting the door red, but it clashed with the stained glass, so I went with peacock blue.  I used some beads for the handle, and glued the hinges to the house.  I may add some more trim around the stained glass to frame it in better, but that can be done later.

I also have begun working on the Wendy doll, and got her sculpted, painted, and hair attached. But she is still “naked” so not ready to share yet with the world.

I’m a giant challenge: Week one update

I’m beginning to think I’m in over my head.¬† But when has that stopped me, eh? Reality? Who needs it! So, lots of changes to the doll house so far. I’ve been focusing on the downstairs, on the family room.¬† Remember what it looked like when I pulled it out?

After three days of work I have:

  • stripped old carpet and wall paper
  • painted new hardwood floor
  • put up new wallpaper and border
  • cut out new bay window and¬†framed it up
  • started putting up wood paneling on walls

What I still have to do before the room is ready for furniture?

  • finish repairing stairs & and add banister
  • finish bay window
  • finish trim & paint
  • finish wood paneling
  • paint ceiling
  • install front door and landing

Ugh, that is a really long list still. See why I’m in over my head?

I’ve also done some work to the upstairs. And we are talking major demo!

I took out a whole wall! Now you can actually see the center windows, as it should be.¬† And before you couldn’t even see the top window, it was hidden behing the ceiling. I’m not even going to list off the things left to do in this room…its just ridiculous.¬† But I’m very pleased with how everything it turing out. It is very tedious, but so exciting to finally see my vision for this house coming to life, after 20 years.