Dark June Garden

Dark June Garden

When I saw this week's prompt of Dark June Garden (from my own random prompt generator) it stirred some strange emotions. This week has been an emotional one for our nation. I've been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, heartbroken, angry, and drained.

When I started to think about what "dark June garden" might look like, I thought of shady places and quiet evenings in the garden. A place to rest and processes and just be at peace. Silvery moonlight, purple flowers, fireflies, and silent moths.

Here is your mood board for the week. Enjoy!

Surface Pattern Design Eye Candy:

Melissa Pedersen

Midnight Garden

Moths and gardens and stars!

Follower her on Instagram: @newbranchstudio

Gaia Marfurt

Whimsical Wonderland

There is so much magic going on in this design!

Follower her on instragram: @gaiamarfurt

Christine Amelie

Midnight Garden Party

Follower her on Instagram: @studio.amelie

On Instagram:

A Fanciful Twist - Vanessa Valencia

Mad Garden Tea Party

I've been following Vanessa Valencia on Instagram for a while. Her art is full of so much color, and her house and garden is serious eye candy.

Follower her on instagram: @afancifultwist

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