Old Time Strawberries

Old Time Strawberries

I love me some strawberries. No joke. When I was five years old, I ate so many strawberries in one sitting that I actually broke out in a rash. I WAS DEVASTATED to think that I could never eat a strawberry again, but the rash never came back and I am happy to report I can still enjoy a juicy strawberry.

The prompt for this week makes me think back to my childhood. Does anyone remember Strawberry Short Cake?

Strawberry Short Cake Bedroom Eye Candy My five-year-old self would have killed to have this bedroom.

So, time to journey back into your own childhood, and dig up some Old Timey Strawberries! Here are your mood board and pallet inspiration for this week! Enjoy!

Don't forget to watch for next week's inspiration... SPECKLED PARTY LION.

Surface Pattern Design Eye Candy:

Rochelle Rae Design

Strawberry Fields

I love this sweet strawberry fields collection by Rachelle Rae

Follower her on Instagram: @rochelleraedesigns

Julie Lynch

Summer Berries

I love the sweet colors of this design.

Follower her on Instagram: @cjldesign69

Ceri Gwen

Retro Cafe

Follower her on Instagram: @cerigwen_shop

Laura Logan

Strawberry Bunny

Laura Logan is a children's book illustrator from Austin, Texas.

Follower her on Instagram: @lauraloganillustrator

On Instagram:


Strawberry Doll

Emma is a Welsh artist inspired by the magic of nature and folklore.

Her dolls are imagined and bought to life in her home studio, where she puts a lot of love and care into every stitch. They are made from a pattern which she designed and sewn by hand.

Follower her on Instagram: @serendolls

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