Hot day, Hedgehog?

Hot day, Hedgehog?

This week's inspiration comes from the prompt: "Hot day, Hedgehog?"

Some facts about hedgehogs: They can sleep up to 18 hours per day. They have poor eyesight. They make snorting noise like a hog while they are rooting around under bushes for food. AND they can eat up to 1/3 of their body weight in ONE NIGHT.

GUYS. I think the hedgehog might be my spirit animal! But seriously, how can something be so cute and so SPIKY at the same time.

This week's inspirational prompt is "Hot day, Hedgehog?" Here are some of the things I found online this week that inspired me. I hope that they spark something for you as well!

Creative Inspiration for creatives

Here is some surface design eye candy!

Hedgehogs disguised as cactuses

by Anne-Caroline Alard Follower her on Instagram: @petitspixels

Hedgehogs disguised as cactuses

by designer Grace Felizardo

Hedgehog cut and sew

by Heleen van Buul Follower her on instragram: @heleenvanbuul

Hedgehog family

by Saadet Burcu Karacalar, Children's book illustrator and author. Follower her on instagram: @burcukaracalar

THIS delightful hedgehog embroidery kit by Kiriki!

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