How to Stay Productive When Life Gets Crazy

How to Stay Productive When Life Gets Crazy

I’m pretty sure the baby is teething, again. Otherwise, I have no explanation for why my independent monkey suddenly won’t let me out of her reach day OR night. My productivity, which is always at a slower pace, has ground to a halt. So, how do artist moms stay productive when life gets crazy? How do you keep it from completely derailing your momentum?

Normally I get up at 5 AM before everyone else is awake. This is when I can really focus on getting my work done. But the Little Monkey has been sleeping next to me, so she wakes up the moment I get out of bed or try to move her back into her crib.

So, instead of power sessions of writing or painting, I’m snuggling with a cranky monkey, while trying to keep her from eating my glasses or the baby monitor.

I know that you get it. This is mom life, juggling the needs of your children and your artist career.

Stay productive when life gets crazy

Let’s talk about your mindset

When your routine gets upset, it’s easy to slip into the spirit of frustration and to start snapping at your family. You look at other mompreneurs who seem like they have it all together, and you fall into the comparison trap.

The inner critic tells you that you aren’t doing a good enough job. That you are failing, both as an artist and as a mom.

This is all lies. LIES, I tell you!

You are not in a competition. There is no competition because there is no other you. God has given you a unique set of gifts and put you exactly where you are right now. He brought these children into your life and gave you exactly what you need to do your job.

The main thing to remember is that this is just a season. Whatever craziness is going on right now, it will change and pass. Or you will adapt to it and you will find your new normal.

When life gets crazy, get back to the basics

The key to staying productive when life gets crazy is getting back to the basics. Pick one thing to accomplish in a day. Let go of the long to-do list and decide what is the most important thing to get done today.

Spend a few minutes keeping up the bare minimums of house essentials (wash enough dishes, clothes, etc to get you through the day).

Use creative ways to keep your creative well filled up, like listening to podcasts (which is a great handsfree activity).

And most importantly, celebrate every accomplishment. Every little one. Quiet that inner critic by reminding it about all the 100 amazing things you do every day!

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