Party like a speckled lion?

Party like a speckled lion?

It's time to party like an ANIMAL! Let's have a WILD time! Who's the KING of the party?! This guy!

Oh man, these lion jokes are so bad.

But I think you get the idea. This week's prompt makes me think of cookies with sprinkles and lions wearing party hats while eating a jungle-themed birthday cake. Or MAYBE drinking a fizzy drink with a polka dot straw.

I hope these ideas will help you have a ROARING good time this week! ;)

This week's inspiration comes from the prompt:

Surface Pattern Design Eye Candy:

Anastasia Mutovina

Sunny Lion

Follower her on Instagram: @penguinhouse_art

Daniela of Booboo Collective

Rainbow Roar

Follower her on Instagram: @daniela_booboocollective

Ewa Brzozowska

Roar - Wild pink tiger

Follower her on Instagram: @brzozowskanet

Heidi Abeline Jespersen

Balloon safari

Follower her on Instagram: @heidiabeline

On Instagram:


Brave Lions

Ksenya is a dollmaker from Sochi, Russia. She's a wife, daughter, and mom of 2 little girls Siyana and Vasilisa (Yasya and Vasya).
She made her first doll for her oldest daughter Siyana and completely fell in love with dolls. Every doll made by her with love in her house.

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