You need to learn to tell good stories

You need to learn to tell good stories

I think everyone should learn how to tell good stories. Why? Because God created us to love stories and to communicate that way.

If you learn how to use story telling in your daily life, you can be better at everything.

With a good story, you can make people share your emotions and gain empathy. You can explain a concept. You can sell more stuff. You can make friends. Kids who tell stories are less frustrated because they’ve learned how to communicate better.

The ways to tell stories are ENDLESS, and they are at the heart of everything we do. You probably don’t even realize how much you are surrounded by it until you stop and pay attention. Commercials. Songs. Art. Design. Fashion. Decor. At the heart of everything, is a story.

Whatever it is that you do, a good story will help you do it better.

My goal here with my art, with my videos, with my blog is to inspire people to tell good stories. I want to help you find your inspiration, and to use the gifts God has given you to make the world a better place through stories.


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